To visit in Amboise and the surroundings of the hotel

François 1er, Leonardo da Vinci ... Both have chosen to live long in Amboise ... and we know they had good taste!


So you too, come and discover the fabulous castles of the Loire and their gardens, the troglos, the know-how and the many museums of Val d'Amboise.

Front view of the Royal Castle of Amboise

The Royal Castle of Amboise

Built in the 15th and 16th centuries by Charles VIII, Louis XII and Francis I, the Château d'Amboise is the first royal residence of the French Renaissance. It houses the tomb of Leonardo da Vinci in his chapel. In the nineteenth century, the Emir Abd-el-Kader is imprisoned for 4 years, from 1848 to 1852. The castle is open to visitors all year round.

Visit the city of Amboise

Royal city par excellence, Amboise was the holiday resort of Francis I, Charles VIII (died in the night after hitting a beam with his head!), but also Leonardo da Vinci. The city of Amboise is a pleasant and essential stop for history and heritage lovers.                     
Among the city's must-see attractions, be sure to visit its Renaissance castle, be charmed by its pedestrian and shopping center or take advantage of the Sunday morning market to be full of colors and smells. If you are more natural, then go to the discovery of the banks of the Loire fully furnished.

Le centre ville d'Amboise
The castle of Clos Lucé in Amboise

The Clos Lucé Castle - Leonardo da Vinci Park


Visit Leonardo da Vinci's house, discover his newly restored workshops, frescoes by his disciples and 40 fabulous machines. An initiatory journey through the landscaped path, a veritable outdoor museum punctuated by 40 models and canvases as well as 8 sound points (beginning of March -> mid-nov.). Unique in France: the hologram of Leonardo da Vinci, thanks to Pepper Ghost technology. In the museum hall: permanent exhibition "Leonardo da Vinci and France".

La Pagode de Chanteloup

At a height of 44 meters, the Pagoda is built on seven levels and has seven stone domes set back from each other.

La pagode à Amboise en vue aérienne
Vue du befroi dans la ville d'Amboise

The Belfry or Clock Tower

In the rue Nationale, the shopping street, you can see the Belfry. In the 15th century, it is the main gate of the city located at the edge of the river, the Amasse. Until the eighteenth century, a mill is installed. "The mill of alms" belonged to the Hotel Dieu.


It is under Charles VII, in 1445, that this door is transformed into a belfry. Then, thanks to a public subscription, a clock is installed in 1500.

Le Château Gaillard

In the heart of the city of Amboise, in a park of 15 hectares, a magical place of the Renaissance has just been rediscovered and reborn after 5 years of careful restoration. "Only Adam and Eve are missing in this wonderful paradise to make it a new Eden," said Charles VIII of Château Gaillard.

Le château Gaillard vue de face à Amboise
Vue de coté de l'église Saint Florentin de la ville d'Amboise

L’église Saint Florentin

Built under the impetus of Louis XI in the third quarter of the 15th century, this small parish church was intended to accommodate people of the people, because only the nobles close to the king were allowed to come to participate in the services given in the Saint Hubert chapel of the royal castle of Amboise.


The church of Saint Florentin, steep roof and square bell tower eccentric, is in any way original.

Le parc des Mini-Châteaux / Parc de loisirs

This park offers more than 44 miniature reproductions of the high places of its region including the prestigious castles of the Loire. The whole on a ground of more than 2 hectares, arranged with some 2000 bonzaïs, miniature boats, for a course of 1.5 kilometer.


The models presented are on the scale 1 / 25th.

Children next to one of the miniature castles of the Loire Valley